Euronorm CE Tool - Quick Start Guide

Make an account

Enter your details and click 'Register'. Then you will receive an email for confirmation. By clicking on the link in the email you activate your account.


Add product and create your (first) CE file

Go to: 'CE file' and click 'Add product'.


Give your product a name and, if desired, a (model) number and description. If desired, you can also upload a photo.


Then choose from a number of categories that best suit your product. If your product does not fall within any of the categories then click on the bottom button 'My product is not listed'.


Click: "Next Step" and check what is applicable to your product. Click “Save product”.


The following screen shows the legal requirements. These requirements have been broken down into a number of folders. Start at the top "Applicable Directives" folder.


Click on the wizard "exceptions on directives".


You will now be able to determine which products are excluded from the directives that are likely to apply to your product. Please read this text carefully before making your decision.

Please note: this is a very important step! If this step is not done correctly then your CE file will not be correct.


If you have done this you will see green checkers and / or red crosses. Once you click 'Save', the directive (s) that apply to your product will be shown in the “Applicable Directives"  folder .


Risk analysis

Now go to the next “Risk analysis” folder. Conducting a risk analysis online is free. This module guides you through the risk analysis step by step.  Inserting photos is possible. At the end you have a complete report of the risk analysis.


Technical documentation

This folder includes the requirements that your technical file must meet. If you already have a technical file for your product, you can upload it completely or per document in a relevant folder.


Test Certificates / Report (s)

In this folder you can verify if your product needs to be tested by a Notified Body. If you have a test report or other evidence, you can upload it.


Operating Instructions

In this folder you can verify what information must be included in your operating instructions (manual).


Type plate / label

The module “Type plate" simply generates a type plate with the minimum required information. In addition, in some free fields additional information can be added.


Declaration of Conformity

The module “Declaration" simply generates a Declaration of Conformity containing the correct texts and directives, including the correct versions. The required text is provided and you can add your own information in a number of free fields.


Have your CE file checked by Euronorm

Do you want to have your CE file checked by Euronorm? That is possible.


After our research you will receive a report containing our findings. In the report you will also find out exactly what actions eventually need to be done to make your file CE compliant.