Introduction to Euronorm CE Tool

The letters 'CE' appear on many products and means Conformité Européenne. CE marking is often a difficult task. Based on years of experience we have developed the CE tool which brings back the complexity to an earthly level.


What needs to be documented, what should be assessed in the risk analysis, what needs  to be mentioned on the type plate, what in the operating instructions and what needs to be stated in the Declaration of Conformity.


The CE tool is free to use but we ask a small fee for verifying your CE files on completeness and correctness.


With the CE Tool you can easily create and manage your CE files. You can also share files with co-workers or advisors. By using our tools we enable you to create a Declaration of Conformity or a type plate (CE label) containing the correct and required information, but you can also conduct a risk analysis online.


The tools also work on mobile devices.


We developed the CE Tool based on our years of experience with CE marking. Certain aspects of CE legislation should be easier to understand and work with. Through the development of the CE tool we want to contribute to this.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Richard Winter and Philip Warneke /