Euronorm CE Tool - About Us

We have about 25 years of experience in the field of CE marking. In those years we have worked for a wide range of manufacturers, from startups to multinationals, government organizations, machine builders, toy manufacturers, producers of medical products, ship builders, etc.


The central question remained whether the CE marking could not be made much simpler by developing an online CE tool. But what would it look like and could that be realized?


In the end it turned out that we could automate CE-marking for a large part and this translated into the current online CE Tool.


The use of the CE Tool has many advantages:

- Only relevant texts from the CE directives are filtered and presented

- No more reading hundreds of pages with complicated texts

- Determine easily what applies to your product without legal knowledge

- It automatically generates your declaration of conformity

- It automatically generates the mandatory information about your product

- It guides you through the risk assessments and generates a report

- And if you want, ZIP the complete file and put it on your desktop


The CE Tool is free to use.



Richard Winter