The role of Standardisation Institutes and Notified Bodies

The need for an online CE-application is simple. The government has withdrawn from Standardization activities in Europe. Standards have traditionally been drafted with a big amount of money, from the government, nowadays thats no longer the case.


Except for certain standards that government itself initiates. They will initiate it and pay for it. But nowadays these Institutes produce a lot of documents that al legally not obligatory at all. So keep that in mind and if you want to use standards check if they are listed as 'harmonised standard', otherwise you're making use of standards wich have no meaning within CE-marking.


The same goes for the (type) approval of products, these activities are also left to 'the market'.
In the past the approval of products was executed by some kind of semi governmental agencies. But, not anymore. So please check carefully their proposal if it is according to the demands of the specific Directive which is applicable on your product.


These changes in the 'Ancient World of Legislation and Standardization' inspired us to develop the CE Tool.


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