CE Marking - Required in the EU, EFTA, EEA?

When exporting a product to Europe, please note that CE marking is not only mandatory in EU Member States, but CE marking is also mandatory in EEA countries, the so-called European Economic Area. The EEA countries are Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland.

► Belgium
► Bulgaria
► Cyprus
► Denmark
► Germany
► Estonia
► Finland
► France
► Greece
► Hungary
► Ireland
► Iceland
► Italy
► Croatia
► Latvia
► Liechtenstein
► Lituania
► Luxembourg
► Malta
► Netherlands
► Norway
► Austria
► Poland
► Portugal
► Romenia
► Slovenia
► Slovakia
► Spain
► Czech Republic
► United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales en Northern-Ireland)
► Sweden

The EU Member States including the EEA countries are affiliated to the EFTA, the European Free Trade Associate. So if you want to market goods to these countries, keep in mind that it is possible that your products need to be CE marked. Not all products need CE marking.

With our CE Tool, you can easily determine whether CE is required for your product(s) or not.
We also made it possible to perform a (mandatory) risk analysis, as well as creating a type plate and Declaration of Conformity, etc.


With the CE Tool, you can also determine if you need to call a Notified Body or not. This is not the case for many products. But they usually do not say that.